Leveraging Local Media Coverage

Several months ago, I was on a Clubhouse chat with fellow yachting industry reps who were bemoaning The Media. Specifically, they were complaining about a decided bias that traditional media outlets have toward luxury yachts and yacht builders. They weren’t wrong, but they weren’t right, either. They were correct in complaining that some reporters, editors, Read more about Leveraging Local Media Coverage[…]

crisis communication

Crisis Communications: Plan Before Crisis Crashes Your Image

Several years ago, I hosted a panel discussion for yachting professionals about the importance of crisis communications. I called it “Crisis Communications: When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies.” Typically, unforeseen emergencies or outright disasters caught industry players unprepared for the onslaught of media attention—especially social media attention—and inquiries. The panelists all carefully explained their Read more about Crisis Communications: Plan Before Crisis Crashes Your Image[…]

words to absolutely positively avoid

5 Words to Absolutely Positively Avoid in Your Marketing Materials

I frequently edit press releases from all sorts of companies. And they have no idea I’m doing it. I’m not acting as an independent copy editor for them, helping polish their content before they release it. Rather, I’m picking apart the releases they send me as the editor of an online magazine. Their press releases Read more about 5 Words to Absolutely Positively Avoid in Your Marketing Materials[…]

doers sometimes do too much

When Doers Need to Stop Doing

A good friend of mine is one of the hardest-working people I know. Except sometimes he isn’t the smartest-working person. Not that he isn’t smart. In fact, he’s a brilliant marketer and networker, and the common-sense advice he doles out (including to me) is pretty darn brilliant, too. He’s an achiever, a doer. The trouble Read more about When Doers Need to Stop Doing[…]

adapt or go out of business

Adapt, or Put Yourself Out of Business

I received an email earlier this week that still has me flabbergasted. Two months ago, I reached out to my contact at a yachting shipyard. I was writing an article, and the subject was right up their alley. In fact, they were perfect for an interview. As sometimes happens, though, I didn’t receive a response. Read more about Adapt, or Put Yourself Out of Business[…]

business blogging for beginners tips

Business Blogging for Beginners

A few weeks ago, I presented a webinar on blogging to members of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). “Business Blogging for Beginners: It’s Easier Than You May Think” got them started on transforming their websites from static, billboard-like pages into engaging sites that build client trust and relationships. The ultimate goal Read more about Business Blogging for Beginners[…]

be one level above crap

Be One Level Above Crap

Customer-service complaints afflict every industry. And yet, so many of the problems wouldn’t exist in the first place if the companies fielding the complaints were “one level above crap,” as Peter Shankman, the renowned author and public speaker, says. I was reminded of Peter’s statement this weekend when I learned Optimum, my Internet provider, has Read more about Be One Level Above Crap[…]

7 Reasons Our Friendly Neighborhood Chipmunk Is Smarter Than Me

8 Reasons Our Friendly Neighborhood Chipmunk Is Smarter Than Me

For the past two years, I’ve been highly entertained watching a particularly speedy chipmunk race back and forth in our yard between his burrow and our birdfeeders. He does this multiple times a day, rain or shine, cold or hot. He races so fast that we’ve nicknamed him Chippy Ninja Warrior, because he flies over Read more about 8 Reasons Our Friendly Neighborhood Chipmunk Is Smarter Than Me[…]

crafting the right message for the media takes time

Pitch Perfect: Crafting the Right Message for the Media

I joined a spirited discussion several days ago on Clubhouse, the social-media app offering virtual voice chat rooms for groups. The conversation was about what yachting would look like come 2050, who the clients would be, and how we as the industry should start thinking about marketing to them. When the conversation turned to getting Read more about Pitch Perfect: Crafting the Right Message for the Media[…]