Tech Talk

Every so often, I rediscover something I’ve written years prior, and am reminded of how diverse my subjects are. Simultaneously, I’m reminded of how much I enjoy digging into particularly complicated and challenging topics. Recently, in looking for some writing samples, I came across an article I wrote for Superyacht Business magazine. I penned it[…]

Print Isn’t Dead, Only Bad Ideas Are

Last month, I presented a seminar entitled “Powerful Print Ads: A Hands-on Session to Build Better Brand Awareness.” Some of the attendees only know me as the editor of Therefore, an online journalist–and a journalist, no less–talking about print advertising may have seemed strange. But, I spent nearly 20 years as a magazine staff[…]

Are You Super(b)?

Growing up in the 1970s, I was well aware of the feminist movement, further being the daughter of a proudly feministic mother and father. (Yes, men can be feminists, too; the ideology knows no gender restrictions.) At the ripe age of nine, I wanted to be Princess Leia. Not because she was a princess (well,[…]