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business blogging for beginners tips

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A few weeks ago, I presented a webinar on blogging to members of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). “Business Blogging for Beginners: It’s Easier Than You May Think” got them started on transforming their websites from static, billboard-like pages into engaging sites that build client trust and relationships. The ultimate goal was to reveal how a blog helps establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

If your business website lacks a blog, I strongly encourage you to add one. Here’s some of what I shared with the nearly two dozen members of NJAWBO.

  1. Google loves content. Whenever we want to learn something or find a helpful website, we use the almighty search engine. A regularly updated blog gets Google’s attention. Additionally, the more you use the terms associated with your brand—say, “superyacht sales” for a brokerage firm—the more Google prioritizes your content as search results for those words. And, the longer your content, the more valuable Google decides it is—further resulting in strong search-engine results.
  2. Google loves images. The web is a visual medium, so naturally business blogging involves using images. In fact, Google prioritizes posts with images over ones without them.
  3. Know your rights—and theirs. Avoid copyright infringement by ensuring you have the legal right to use an image. (Here’s a hint: Just because Google Images returns it as a search result doesn’t mean it’s yours to use.) Thankfully, stock photography websites provide plenty of options. Several charge small fees, while ones like and provide thousands of photos and illustrations for free.
  4. People love listicles. Listicles are list articles. Think of all the “top 10” lists you’ve read, happily, in your life. Clever business blogging can and should leverage the listicle format. For inspiration, read any of the hundreds of listicles that publishes, like “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.”

Aside from me having minor technical challenges with Zoom, “Business Blogging for Beginners” presentation went off without a hitch. Catch the recorded version of my presentation; I’d love to learn your thoughts.

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