Stuck? 6 Tips for Compelling Content Creation

“I’m not a writer; I don’t know anything about blogging.” “What if people think I’m an idiot? Or a phony?” “Nobody really cares what’s on my mind.” Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve either heard or used one of these excuses when it comes to blogging for business. I’m here to tell you that each one Read more about Stuck? 6 Tips for Compelling Content Creation[…]

Everyone’s a Storyteller

Some of my fondest memories are from my kindergarten days. My teacher, Miss Blackman, was not only a fair disciplinarian, but also an outstanding storyteller. In fact, she ended every day reading from a different book. Miss Blackman had a way of making the words on the pages practically leap to life. She used funny Read more about Everyone’s a Storyteller[…]