words to absolutely positively avoid

5 Words to Absolutely Positively Avoid in Your Marketing Materials

I frequently edit press releases from all sorts of companies. And they have no idea I’m doing it. I’m not acting as an independent copy editor for them, helping polish their content before they release it. Rather, I’m picking apart the releases they send me as the editor of an online magazine. Their press releases Read more about 5 Words to Absolutely Positively Avoid in Your Marketing Materials[…]

business blogging for beginners tips

Business Blogging for Beginners

A few weeks ago, I presented a webinar on blogging to members of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO). “Business Blogging for Beginners: It’s Easier Than You May Think” got them started on transforming their websites from static, billboard-like pages into engaging sites that build client trust and relationships. The ultimate goal Read more about Business Blogging for Beginners[…]

crafting the right message for the media takes time

Pitch Perfect: Crafting the Right Message for the Media

I joined a spirited discussion several days ago on Clubhouse, the social-media app offering virtual voice chat rooms for groups. The conversation was about what yachting would look like come 2050, who the clients would be, and how we as the industry should start thinking about marketing to them. When the conversation turned to getting Read more about Pitch Perfect: Crafting the Right Message for the Media[…]

Stuck? 6 Tips for Compelling Content Creation

“I’m not a writer; I don’t know anything about blogging.” “What if people think I’m an idiot? Or a phony?” “Nobody really cares what’s on my mind.” Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve either heard or used one of these excuses when it comes to blogging for business. I’m here to tell you that each one Read more about Stuck? 6 Tips for Compelling Content Creation[…]

Print Isn’t Dead, Only Bad Ideas Are

Last month, I presented a seminar entitled “Powerful Print Ads: A Hands-on Session to Build Better Brand Awareness.” Some of the attendees only know me as the editor of MegayachtNews.com. Therefore, an online journalist–and a journalist, no less–talking about print advertising may have seemed strange. But, I spent nearly 20 years as a magazine staff Read more about Print Isn’t Dead, Only Bad Ideas Are[…]

Everyone’s a Storyteller

Some of my fondest memories are from my kindergarten days. My teacher, Miss Blackman, was not only a fair disciplinarian, but also an outstanding storyteller. In fact, she ended every day reading from a different book. Miss Blackman had a way of making the words on the pages practically leap to life. She used funny Read more about Everyone’s a Storyteller[…]

“Expert” Advice

We all have pet peeves. Lately, one of mine has been rearing its ugly head as I read articles online and watch the news. It’s the use of “expert.” Reporters are seemingly in love with the term, to the point of eschewing any meaningful reference to a person’s background. Last night, for example, I watched Read more about “Expert” Advice[…]

Content Is Not Enough

Those of you who pay attention to media trends have probably heard a particular phrase over and over again. That phrase: “Content is king.” Trouble is, despite it coming into our vernacular easily a decade ago, some people still don’t exactly understand what “content” means. Nor do some people apply the right strategy, instead essentially Read more about Content Is Not Enough[…]