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Turning Chance Encounters Into Business Deals

My professional life is full of running into people by chance, and turning those chance encounters into working relationships. One such encounter in September is now a partnership that both of us expect to be fruitful and fulfilling. Each year, I attend the Monaco Yacht Show in the end of September. It’s become a far Read more about Turning Chance Encounters Into Business Deals[…]

When the Phone Rings… Answer It, for Pity’s Sake

Today began as one of those days. You know, those days, where every time you sit down to start something, the phone rings. Funny enough, after the third phone call in an hour, I stopped thinking of the ringing as a bad thing. In fact, it was good. Really good. The first phone call was Read more about When the Phone Rings… Answer It, for Pity’s Sake[…]

Washington DOES Work, Sometimes

If you’re like me, you often find yourself shaking your head over the way things work (and don’t work) in Washington, D.C. The instances of political payback make Capitol Hill seem more like a child’s sandbox than a place where grownups are supposed to tackle real issues. Thankfully, though, there are still people there intent Read more about Washington DOES Work, Sometimes[…]

Putting “Life” Back in Luxury Lifestyle

Let’s do an experiment. Look at this photo for a few moments: And now look at this photo: Which one says “fun” to you? Which one makes you want to be there? You don’t have to know anything about yachting to decide in an instant that the second photo is far better at doing both. Read more about Putting “Life” Back in Luxury Lifestyle[…]