We’re Big Into Books!

Just days ago, I unveiled my newest business venture: Superyacht Storytellers. This custom book-publishing company has been months in the making. And, much like the parent of a growing child, I’ve been alternately beaming with pride and losing sleep over its development. Now that the website is all grown up, so to speak, I’m back to beaming.

Superyacht Storytellers logo preview fileIn my 28 years of meeting and interviewing people as a journalist, I’ve yet to come across someone without a fascinating story to tell. Like the grandmother who commissioned a yacht to ensure all three generations of her family spent time together. Like the longtime yacht owners who’ve been all over the world and are now planning to cross the challenging Northwest Passage. I’ve heard so many great stories, in fact, that many of my articles could start with, “Once upon a time…”

And that’s the point. Their oral histories are so rich, they should be on paper. Furthermore, their stories are augmented by dozens, if not hundreds, of photos of their fondest memories. But, those photos are often sitting on a home computer or, worse, on the memory card in their camera. (Sound familiar?) So, Superyacht Storytellers helps them bring those photos—and memories—to new life, to be shared with family and friends for years to come.

To put it another way: Don’t just tell your grandkids about your travels; physically sit down with them and share the tales in a whole new way. If you built the yacht you cruise on, you can recapture and re-live the process of it going from a sketch to a stunning structure.

At Superyacht Storytellers, we do all of this, and more. Even better, we have a lot of fun. We love to hear your stories as much as your friends and family do!

I invite you to head over to Superyacht Storytellers and check out the possibilities. Above all, I invite you to let us tell your story—let’s tell your Happily Ever After.

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