You’re Never too Old to Learn

me-house-watering-canJust when we think our schooling years are behind us, life reminds us we still have plenty of time learn, and plenty to learn within that time:

(1) After walking past a supermarket for six years during the Monaco Yacht Show, it finally dawned on me that it was possible to find a cheap lunch in this town. Six euros for a prepared pasta dish that contains enough food for two full meals beats the 20-euro burger at the hotel every time.

(2) Seven years after creating a handful of comprehensive, alphabetical listings of yachting companies, a reader inquiry into whether the database was searchable via country led to a “Now why didn’t I think of that” moment.

(3) Sometimes playing devil’s advocate shows you, and your colleagues, a better way to do something, even when you’re all convinced right up to that moment that there isn’t.

(4) Just when I think something is impossible, I find a way around it.

And, just in case I forget the latter, I have the photo here to remind me, along with the story behind it:

My then-25-year-old mother thought her then-two-year-old daughter (a.k.a. me) was content with “just” playing in the yard. Stubborn child of Sicilian and Irish descent that I was (and still am), I set out to prove her wrong. That watering can, by the way, when full, weighed about as much as I did. And I can still remember how ridiculously heavy it was when I went to pick it up. But I didn’t care.

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